Learn to SUP

Beginner lessons Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling or supping is the fastest growing watersport globally and moreover an ideal pastime for young and old. This exiting new sport has found its way from its birthplace on Hawaii to all corners of the world.

Zeeland, with its beautiful coastline along the North Sea and its many beautiful lakes such as the Grevelingenmeer, is well placed for paddling adventures.

Get fit and feel energized through Stand Up Paddling

Supping is not only an exciting and versatile sport but also very accessible. It doesn’t take a whole lot of skill and practice to have fun out on the water, be it alone or with friends and family.

Is it hard to learn how to SUP?

Shortly after the first strokes on a wide and stable board you’re able to cruise a stretch of water quite comfortably, while more advanced riders can pursue longer tours and adrenaline junkies can spend a few hours wave-riding their nimble SUP surf board .

The challenges and possibilities are endless, while the requirements are very limited. All one needs are a board and a paddle.

Oh, and did you know that supping is a true total body work-out? Is there any other sport where you use 95% of your muscles?