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SUP Accessories

What is a SUP quiver, without the right paddle? Having the right Stand Up Paddle board is key to having as much fun as possible, but one should not overlook the importance of having the right paddle too.

Stand Up paddles come in different constructions and designs, widely used materials for paddles are carbon, fiberglass, a composite of these two materials and aluminium. Carbon paddles are generally the lightest and stiffest and therefore will be more expensive. The lighter the paddle, the easier it is to hold the paddle over longer periods of time out on the water and therefore carbon paddles are the most comfortable.

When it comes to paddle design there are a few elements to consider, namely the size of the blade, whether the paddle needs to be adjustable (or fixed length) and the type of shaft and handle. A lot of these elements are quite personal and will very much depend on the type of paddling you will be doing and your physical characteristics. For beginners, it is advisable to start off with an adjustable paddle with a blade size around 88 square inches. This will allow you to explore what paddle length suits you best and to share the paddle with other members of your family.


When you are not paddling, you want your gear to be stored and transported safely. Bags are a very cost-effective way of keeping your gear in pristine condition. The repair man will not only cost you quite a bit of money when your board gets damaged during transport or in your storage area, more importantly you will not be able to spend valuable time out on the water. Board Bags and Paddle Bags will simply allow you to keep your gear in one place while keeping it from getting damaged.

The same principle applies to rail tape. When paddling you will undoubtedly and unwantedly hit the rails of your board with your paddle. Having rail tape on the sides of your board will keep your board in better shape, prevent it from getting dinged and ultimately have more time out on the water and save money.

Leashes are a must-have when paddling. A proper SUP leash will prevent your board from drifting away when you fall off, but also prevent your Stand Up Paddle board from hitting other people.

Like tyres under a car, SUP fins greatly impact the performance of your board. A fin for racing will differ from what fin is best suitable to go surfing.