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Buy a SUP Foil

SUP Foiling is a new and exciting sport taking off around the world. 

This thrilling watersport is a combination of traditional Stand Up Paddling and flying above the water by means of a hydrofoil attached to the bottom of your SUP board.

In general, SUP Foil boards are smaller volume boards when compared with normal SUPs. You need some volume to paddle out, maintain overall control and catch waves, but as soon as your boards is lifted out of the water and you hover freely, a shorter board will be easier to control in flight.

Catching bumps, using the energy of the wave and flying above the water fluidly, does take a bit of practice. SUP foiling can be somewhat challenging to learn and previous experience in SUP-surfing, regular surfing or other watersports is beneficial.

Think safety. It is not unthinkable you will hit your board or the foil with your body from time to time. Wear a proper leash and especially when beginning, wear protective gear.

Once you have mastered SUP foiling, the rewards are tremendous. Flying like a butterfly above the water, feeling the energy of the ocean while hovering seamlessly.