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Choose the Right SUP Paddle

Like the names says, you need a paddle to do some serious Stand Up Paddling! We have a great selection of the very best SUP paddles for you to choose from.

Adjustable paddles are a great option for family usage as mulitple users with varying height can adjust the paddle to their specific need. It also allows a single user to paddle in varying conditions.

Fixed paddles are a good solution as your own personal paddle for a specific type of paddling. For racing one would normally apply a longer paddle length than SUP surfing.


For beginners it is best to start off with an adjustable paddle. As you become more advanced and have a better idea about what kind of paddle length suits you best, you can start thinking about getting a fixed length paddle.

SUP paddles are made in various type of materials, with aluminium in general being the cheapest but also heaviest option, fiberglass being slightly more expensive but also a bit lighter and finally carbon paddles are the lightest but also most expensive and can have varying shaft flexibility to suit the preference of the paddler.

Should you need any help in selecting a paddle, just send us an inquiry!