2019 Unifiber Allround Energy iSup 9’8


• Very compact to travel with and store at home
• Any person of any size can use this iSUP
• Thruster fin setup makes it easy to maneuver
• Integrated Deck Net to store and attach (waterproof)items you want to take with you
• MSL® FUSION prelaminated dropstitch.
• Very large and comfortable Diamond Groove Footpad

• No insert available to attach windsurf rig
• Does not come with a paddle

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Out of stock

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The allround iSUP for the smaller (under 70kg), or more skilled paddlers. The Energy 9’8” is lighter and more agile than the Energy 10’7”. The thruster fin setup makes the board easy to control. With the comfortable and durable trolley backpack you can take the board anywhere
you like.

Starting 2019, all Unifiber inflatable boards are constructed with MSL® FUSION prelaminated dropstitch.

This means that our boards are now lighter, stiffer and stronger than ever!

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9 Footer


200-249 liters


Aqua Gray



Skill Level

Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate


Allround, Cruising, Family