Blue Planet Full Carbon Easy Foiler Set

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This foil set allows optimal flexibility to adapt your foil to the conditions.

The set contains:
– One 26 inch (66 cm) mast
– One fuselage
– Two Front Wings *
– Two Back Wings *

* Three Front & Back Wings for S & M & L set

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The Easy Foiler is designed to make foiling as approachable and easy to learn as possible. The thick front wing has a “dihedral” in the middle to channel water for directional stability. The central part of the wing is fairly flat for lateral stability, while the extended fuselage helps control pitch for smooth flight. The downturned wing tips allow for smooth and controlled turns. All of the Easy Foiler parts are made of solid pre-preg carbon fiber and high-density foam cores for maximum strength, stiffness and weight reduction.

The Easy Foiler is available in three front wing sizes based on square-centimeter surface area, namely 1240, 1440 and 1750.

The large version creates more lift and is ideal for downwinders and heavier riders, the medium version for average usage, whereas the smaller version caters for lighter riders in surf.

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